Eight years ago I started my graduate work and found my passion in ceramic sculpture.  My work and the process – the technical, the physical, the links with history, culture and today's society; my works' emotional effect on me as well as the viewer; are subjects which have at times consumed my thoughts and my life.

jjjjI began this journey by exploring mass and volume, modeling the human form from a cylinder of clay.  The geometry was broken and modified, shaping the design.  Later, parts were added; the shape was reconstructed or multiplied one inside of the other.  After completing my MA, I studied under the master Akio Takamori and became intrigued by the structure of his envelope pots and the complexity of his designs.  I've begun to incorporate that form into my work, considering the relationship between the front, back and interior spaces.  My surface technique includes terra sig, low fire glazes, texture created with lace and fabric.  Seduced by the process and the results of Raku, I find it to be a natural fit for my sculpture.

    My work is a study of the human figure and the complex relationships between man and woman.   Considering the way that the ideal of beauty has been affected by history, world culture and social mores.  From the ancient Venus fertility symbols to the impossibly thin figure that we seek today, the prevailing ideal changes with time, place and fashion.

hhhAs I continue to explore the sensuality and sexuality of man and woman throughout time I look to the masters for inspiration, direction and guidance.  And as my work continues to develop, my perception and understanding evolves in the way that depth and space relate to form and the human figure.  I invite your reaction to my work, based upon your own beliefs and your perception of mine and I hope that you enjoy my message.

Joann Kott Hughes